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Our gorgeous clients, Wade and Jess chose us to assist the boys with a lovely classical look for their wedding day.

They were so nice to deal with and we had lots of fun when the Groomsmen all came in together to be fitted out for their suits. In the relaxed atmosphere of our showroom, they laughed and swapped around trousers  and jackets to get the perfect style and fit for their day. (I always like to make sure the guyz trousers are not baggy on the back side). They had Cappuccinos and Lattes from our beautiful old Electra Coffee machine and then went on to find the right shirts, ties and belts to finish the look off.

For Rhys, Ant and Dane we chose a Shoreditch of London classical black slimfit suit and for Casey we chose a Vincere tailored black suit in the same fabric.  The different fits of these two styles were chosen to flatter their different body shapes.

This evening photo taken out the front of their Wedding Venue, Lauriston House shows how handsome the guyz look and how beautifully the mens suits went with the elegant aqua bridesmaids dresses.  The groomsmen wore silver skinny ties and Wade wore a White skinny tie to go with his stunning bride, Jess.

Just look at the Page boy Cruz. Didn’t he look fabulous in his 5 piece black classic suit. We had fun at the fitting for that as you can imagine. What a good idea carrying the ring in a box and not on a cushion. Much less chance of disaster striking.

Nellie, the flower girl, She was such a little Princess. Jess had previously bought her a dress but when Nellie saw this flower girl dress in our showroom she had to have it. Jess, agreed that it was a much nicer option and that it suited the style of her wedding better. Nellie was such a little treasure at the fitting. Doesn’t she look absolutely beautiful with that hairdo and the beautiful flowers.

Nellie and Cruz will have the most wonderful memories of their mum and dad’s wedding  day and may they have an incredible life together.

Tell me what you think? What do you like about these Wedding outfits.

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