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Guyz – it’s Autumn and time to clear our your old clothes from the wardrobes and drawers.
1. Go through your underwear and sock drawer and toss out everything that’s daggy, stained or has holes in it.
2. go through your T-shirts and if they have yellow underarms, stains on them or holes , its time for them to become cleaning rags.
3. Other clothes hanging around or screwed up in drawers, which have not seen the light of day for a couple of years NEED TO GO! Do your bit for charity and and put them in a charity bin.
4. Do you have a suit hiding in the back of the wardrobe. If so, get it out and check it still fits you. If so, does it need a dry-clean so that its ready for the next wedding or other special event you might be invited to?
5. Go shopping!! Have fun!! #guyzndollzwarriewood