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It’s not that many years since boys going to their first school formal would try to fit into Dads suit, borrow a suit or hire a suit because a well-made, nicely fitting suit was very expensive.
Now days you can buy your first suit, beautifully fitted and choice of colour for as little as $250.00. Add a shirt, tie, pocket hankie, cufflinks, shoes and socks all for less than a third of the price of a suit ten years ago.

Suit brands such as Milano Workshop, New England and Aston have a great range of beautifully fitted suits that are up to the moment in style so you don’t need to hire something that has been worn by many others before you.
Once you have that very sharp snug fitting Suit in your wardrobe you will find many ways to wear it. The trousers can be worn out for dinners with Granny and the jacket looks fantastic when worn as a blazer with open neck shirt or T-shirt and jeans. You can wear your suit for job interviews, Work experience, weddings and funerals.
Of course if you wear a suit often and you would rather a Wool blend or a 100% Wool suit, we have those too. Starting price of $350.00
Here at Guyz & Dollz we can help you choose your style in a very relaxed atmosphere. We can assist you putting the whole look together if you like and we will also discuss as we go the different looks you can achieve.