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long bridal rack

Many brides today are time-poor, so when it comes to having a wedding dress made, they  don’t always have time to go through the full couture process, Here at Guyz & Dollz Brides can see it, try it on, buy it, and walk away knowing exactly what your dress will look like on you.”

There will always be girls who want to look like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn – so we still have classic designs — but At Guyz & Dollz we walk the line between high fashion and bridalwear. Some of the gowns we  have chosen to stock have more of a fashion focus with beautiful ball gowns that — in a different colour — you might see on the red carpet.

Some of the differences between shopping here and visiting the big stores are: price — off-the-rack is more affordable and our gowns range in price from $200 to $900. — excellent service and convenience – we are available by appointment seven days and nights.

Do you find it hard to envisage what you are wanting in your Bridal gown?

Ready-to-wear or off the rack is fantastic for girls who aren’t great with imagining things, Sometimes you just need a point of reference and that’s what we can offer you.

When buying off the rack, Don’t try and squeeze yourself into the size 10 if you’re a size 14 bust. Buy the size 14 and have the rest tailored to fit. We have an excellent seamstress available to assist.