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We have received many calls recently from Men wanting to hire Formal suits or Tuxedos to wear to Balls and other black tie events. We do not have formal suits for hire, we sell suits.

Suits have become much more affordable to purchase so now you can have your own suit which fits you perfectly. Please compare the price to hire but what you really need to keep in mind is the fact that hire suits are made to fit ‘most’ shapes and to last a long time. What this means is that, they are usually made out of a heavier duty wool and they are a ‘Classic’ fit – NOT a slim fit like today’s fashion suits.  Most also come with sleeves that are ‘tube sleeves’. Tube Sleeves do not have a nice cuff. They are a very basic sleeve with buttons sewn on but which can be moved if the sleeves need to be lengthened or shortened.

We have suits in both Classic and slimfit design, we can mix and match the two fits as well because not every mans body is created equally. Our Wool/poly blend suit in either fit is $329. Some of them come with a detachable satin collar so you will have two suits in one. A Tuxedo that can be worn to a black tie event or if you are in a wedding party and an every day suit that can be worn to work, to a wedding as a guest or to a funeral etc.

You can wear your suit in many other ways as well.

The jacket can be worn very smartly with a nice T-shirt under it and combined with your favourite pair of jeans.

The Trousers can be worn with a nice shirt.

Once you have a suit in your wardrobe, you can find many ways to wear it.

Phone or text me for more information about suits but our website does show most of the styles we have. Tel: 0414 295 110


Our light grey slimfit suit with and without the black satin lapel. This suit is also available in Charcoal, Black, navy, beige and white.